Oven Cleaning Services

The secret to a perfectly functioning oven is keeping it well maintained and clean. Our experts will analyse your oven and ensure that no grime is left in any nook and crannies. We take particular care and attention to dissemble our customer’s ovens and deep clean all grease covered parts. Below you can see a breakdown of our process to show that we really care and want your appliance functioning and appearing as good as new!



Our technicians study your appliance to figure out the best method of disassembly and investigating any areas where grease may have got that the untrained eye would not find.


  • Knowledge of Appliance
  • Thorough analysis
  • Organisation


Removal of oven parts for cleaning are taken from your appliance and deep cleaned in our Eco friendly dip tank. Usually grease has dripped down behind these panels and, once removed, can then be cleaned
Removing and dismantling the oven door– this allows a thorough clean between the glass panels and inside the door itself.


Single ovens usually have a roof grill element with a holding-strut which can be loosened to let it be lowered an inch or so at the front. This allows access for cleaning. Double ovens, if they have roof elements at all, usually have a wider spaced pattern. This allows for some limited reaching through to clean the roof.


Final Product

The appliance is then carefully rinsed, reassembled and polished resulting in a fresh, clean, hygienic oven which you can use immediately with no chemical smells or residues.


  • Deep Cleaned Oven
  • Mess Free & Eco Friendly
  • Happy Customers

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Welcome to Ace Oven Cleaning carpet and upholstery cleaning division! We have over 15 years experience and serve domestic and commercial customers in Angus and the surrounding areas. We clean your carpets and upholstery to remove all dirt and grime, leaving them clean, fresh and hygienic.


Carpets are first presprayed and then rinsed clean using a hot-water extractor. There are several reasons for this. Pre-spraying also allows the chemical to dwell on the carpet, breaking down and dissolving soils so that they can be more effectively removed by the extractor. This ensures that your carpets receive a deep cleanse of dirt and it is not merely cosmetic.


Upholstery can require a more delicate touch at times and specialised equipment must be used to deep rinse the soils from the fabric and leave your furniture safely cleaned to a professional standard. Air movers can then be used to speed up the drying process however, the majority of the time, this is not required due to the quality of the equipment we have at our disposal.